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Health Careers

Pre-Dental Hygiene (only prerequisites available)

CWU does not offer a full Dental Hygiene degree.

If you are looking to transfer to another school for a dental hygiene program, common prerequisites to Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Programs are:

  • BIOL 220* (Introductory Cell Biology, requires CHEM 113)
  • BIOL 305* and 306* (Human Anatomy I and II) OR BIO 355* and 356*
  • BIOL 322 (Introductory Microbiology) OR 323 (Microbiology)
  • CHEM 111, 112, 113 (Introduction to Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, & Biochemistry) with labs
  • COM 207 (Introduction to Communication Studies) 
  • ENG 101 (English Composition 1)
  • NUTR 101 (Introduction to Human Nutrition)
  • PSY 101 (General Psychology)
  • SOC107 (Introduction to Sociology)

This sequence of courses requires 2 years to complete at CWU.

*BIOL 220 is a prerequisite for this sequence and CHEM 113 is the prerequisite for BIOL 220 --- (Please note that these biology courses are offered on a limited basis)

Some programs also require a Computer Skills Course: CS 101 (Computer Basics) or IT 101 (Computer Applications)

For General Advising in the area of Pre-Dental Hygiene please contact Patrick Coffey, or refer to CEPS Advising Information.

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