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Central Washington University (CWU) has a non-degree advising program through which a student can prepare for admission to a professional chiropractic medicine program at another institution. Although CWU does not offer a major in pre-chiropractic, we do offer all prerequisite courses necessary for successful admission to such a program.

There are a number of professional chiropractic medicine programs throughout the U.S. and requirements for admission vary among them. Unfortunately, not all chiropractic medicine programs have the exact same prerequisite requirements. The list below consists of the primary coursework needed to prepare for admission to such programs. If you know of a specific chiropractic medicine program you want to attend, it is a good idea to check the program's website or contact the program to find out the coursework required prior to admission.

The following coursework is required by most pre-chiropractic professional programs:

  • BIOL 181, 182, 183 with labs
  • CHEM 181, 182, 183 with labs
  • CHEM 361, 361LAB, 362
  • PSY 101

Other recommended courses:

  • BIOL 220 or BIOL 430
  • BIOL 355, 356
  • EXSC 250
  • English or Speech Communications 
  • Additional Social Science and Humanities courses

For a description of each CWU course, please consult the CWU Undergraduate Catalog for your year of admission. Some of these courses have pre- or co- requisites you should also factor into your course plan. 

Courses listed above with pre- or co-requisites to fulfill:  BIOL 181, 182, 183 series, CHEM 181, 182, 183 series , BIOL 220, BIOL 430, BIOL 355 & 356, CHEM 361 and 362, and EXSC 250

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