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Health Careers

Welcome to Central Washington University's Health Career Resources (HCR) Website!

Image of students in health related fields such as Exercise Science, Chemistry, and Biology.

Central Washington University provides many opportunities for those interested in health careers. This website is designed to allow you to explore these opportunities. For those seeking specific information about programs, CWU offers a number of  degree programs (e.g. Paramedics, Nutrition and Dietetics, etc.) as well as formal guidance for students preparing for  pre-professional health care programs (e.g. pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-nursing, etc). Opportunities for involvement in  student clubs related to health careers and other extracurricular activities can also be found here.

Why a health career? What are workforce needs? We provide general information about these  health career issues, as well as diversity and health careers, links to health-related community organizations, and other topics.

If you are interested in a health career or want to learn more about health career options, CWU can help you find your direction and attain your goals. Explore!

Scholarship Opportunity: Apply for the Dennis W. Farrell Pre-Medicine Scholarship!

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