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Our Group X classes are taught by trained, educated and motivated fitness enthusiasts. They are the best of the best! Some of our instructors are CWU students, some are CWU faculty or staff, and some are Ellensburg community members. Each of our instructors are professionally trained and certified. Our instructors love to teach Group X and it shows!


Kristin Keller

Picture of Kristin Keller

Year in school: Junior

Major: Physical Education

Training Philosophy: Put in your best effort when learning new skills. It's okay to struggle, especially when learning how strong you are, both physically and mentally.

Formats Taught: Pop Pilates and Insanity

Favorite Workout: Weight training and cardio

Alyssa Natsiopoulos

Picture of Alyssa Natsiopoulos

Year in school: Sophomore 

Major: Elementary Education

Training Philosophy: My philosophy as an instructor is, through hard work and determination anything is possible and by strengthening your mind-body connection, your balance and muscle strength will improve.

Formats Taught: Yoga 

Favorite Workout: Yoga, running, weight training

Eve Batchelder

Picture of Eve Batchelder

Occupation: Yoga instructor and Montessori teacher

Years worked at CWU: This is my first year!

Training Philosophy: What is your best today, is your best today, and your "best" will change every day

Formats Taught: Power yoga, yoga vinyasa, restorative yin, and gentle yoga

Favorite Workout: Savasana, but I can enjoy a yoga flow beforehand!

Maria Kogan

Picture of Maria Kogan

Year in school: Junior

Major: Biochemistry

Training Philosophy: Your only job is to keep it moving and have a good time!

Formats Taught: Zumba, Zumba Toning, Strong by Zumba, and MixxedFit

Favorite Workout: Anything that involves dance fitness!

Abby Mertell

Picture of Abby Mertell

Occupation: Caregiver for the mentally disabled

Years working for CWU Recreation: 9 years

Training Philosophy: Your only limit is you

Formats Taught: Pound, Cycling, and Strength

Favorite Workout: Pound, but it changes often! 

Madeline Roscoe

Picture of Madeline Roscoe

Year in school: Junior

Major: Food Science and Nutrition/Dietetics

Training Philosophy: If you're not sweating, you're doing it wrong!

Formats Taught: Zumba

Favorite Workout: Running, Pilates, and Zumba!


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