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Group Fitness

Instructor Team

Our Group Fitness classes are taught by trained, educated and motivated fitness enthusiasts. They are the best of the best! Some of our instructors are CWU students, some are CWU faculty or staff, and some are Ellensburg community members. Each of our instructors are professionally trained and certified. Our instructors love to teach Group Fitness and it shows!


Name: Abby

Favorite exercise: Running, Hiking, and Teaching Group Fitness. I

Employment- Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) as a care provider.






Name: Hannah

Major: Elementary Education (minor in Teaching English as a Second Language)

Favorite exercise: Running and Hiking


Name: Jackie

Employment: Grebb Johnson Reed & Wachsmith LLP

Favorite exercise: Insanity


Name: Katie


Name: Katelyn

Major:Business administration; emphasis is Marketing Management

Favorite exercise:  Dead lifts

Why you love fitness: There is always a positive energy!  




Name: Kenzie



Name: Rachel

Major: Food Science and Nutrition

Why you love fitness: Fitness always improves my mod.  Its's my favorite stress reliever and I always feel my best after a good workout! 


Name: Terrell

Employment: Suncadia

Favorite exercise: DANCING!

Why you love fitness: Fitness is able to change lives in such profound ways.  Exercise and physical activity transcend language, culture, ethnicity, and physical boundaries, and are ways that unite and join people!











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