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Writers name first recipient of Excellence in Performance

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Jaryl Draper
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Seattle Theater Writers name CWU's Jaryl Draper, '09, as its first Gypsy Rose Lee recipient in the Excellence in Performance as a Lead Actor , Non-Equity category for his performance as Uncle Buck in How I Learned To Drive. Draper played Uncle Peck in "How I Learned To Drive" February 4th - February 27th, 2011 at Stone Soup Theatre, Seattle, directed by John Vreeke. In a recent review posted by Michael Strangeways at cites Draper as "one to watch." "...with the “where did this actor come from?” work from Jaryl Draper as Uncle Peck.

I have not encountered this actor’s work before but he’s now moved to my “Ones to Watch For” list. Mr Draper gives an astounding performance as a man you ought to hate, but instead, end up pitying. Uncle Peck is a charming but wounded man, hounded by his own various demons, and a serial pedophile but Ms Vogel’s strong writing and Mr Draper’s equally strong acting, make the character real and complicated and touching and terrifying in equal measure. The fact that Uncle Peck is, on the surface, a “nice” guy; considerate, courteous and intelligent instead of the usual pedophile stereotype of a leering, ignorant, and obviously perverted monster, only makes the character more believable and all the more chilling.

Mr Draper’s subtle performance never goes off the rails; it’s nuanced, natural but very precise. His most searing moment is a monologue in the middle of the play, where Uncle Peck recounts another moment when he seduced a young boy while on a fishing trip. The actions of the character are horrific, and Uncle Peck knows it, and Mr Draper manages to play both that realization and the joy of the seduction, carefully layering and mixing those mixed emotions in a haunting and complex performance. It’s superb acting from a gifted actor and Mr Draper’s performance alone, is worth the price of admission."

“The Gypsy Awards” named after famed Seattle theater artist Gypsy Rose Lee, who was born in Seattle, were established to promote local Theatre and honor the work being done by theater companies and the important work of Seattle theater artists.

Friday, January 20, 2012
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Scott Robinson
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