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News is about Sergio Madrid
They are: Undergraduate Student

Sergio Madrid, has been offered a legislative internship in Olympia during Winter Quarter 2015.  Sergio, who is interested in pursuing a career in public policy, will spend next quarter working in the Senate to shape law and policy in Washington. He is one of just six students selected from CWU.  Sergio is currently writing his senior thesis on the United States' policy toward unaccompanied minors arriving from El Salvador, Guatemala, and his home country of Honduras. He is using Martha Nussbaum's Capabilities Approach to argue that Central American migrants should be granted asylum in the US. His argument is supported both by the growing literature surrounding Nussbaum's work and his analysis of poverty, violence, and corruption in Central America.

December 2, 2014
News is about Michael Essex
They are: Alumni
Class of: 2010

Michael Essex, a CWU Japanese Student, has been accepted to Temple University's Education with a Concentration in Applied Linguistics PhD program in Osaka.  He credits Professor Okada-Collins and Dr. Nelson with helping him achieve this success.

December 2, 2014
News is about Edward Pinto
They are: Undergraduate Student

Mr. Edward Pinto, Spanish Teaching major and Sociology minor, presented with Dr. Alejandro Lee, "¡ A escribir! Estrategias de redacción para estudiantes de lengua heredada a nivel universitario" at the bi-state conference of the Washington Association for Language Teaching and Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching, in Vancouver, Washington, on 10 Oct. 2014. About twenty teachers from all over Oregon and Washington attended the session.

October 10, 2014
News is about Joseph O'Connor
They are: Undergraduate Student

A special congratulations to Joseph O'Connor, a recent World Languages graduate, who was nominated and selected to deliver a speech during the 2014 Honors Convocation. We also congratulate Joseph for being awarded the Raymond Smith Award for Achievement in Scholarship at Indiana University Bloomington. Joseph will be attending a graduate program for a Master's in Arts in Second Language Studies. Congratulations!

June 25, 2014
News is about Alejandro Lee
They are: Faculty Member

Alejandro Lee presented on heritage language education at the "Jornada de desarrollo profesional para profesores de español como lengua de herencia en 'high school' at Columbia Basin College, Pasco, on 17 May 2014. The workshop was sponsored by the U of Washington-Division of Spanish and Portuguese, the Center for Spanish Studies, the Instituto Cervantes, the Consulate of Mexico and Columbia Basin College.

May 30, 2014
News is about Sergio Madrid
They are: Undergraduate Student

Mr. Sergio Madrid, a McNair scholar majoring in Spanish and Philosophy, has been selected for the Washington, D.C. Leadership Internship program. Congratulations, Sergio! ¡Enhorabuena!

May 13, 2014