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Public Relations and Journalism Students Document ESPN Sports Analyst Shelly Smith's Journey with Breast Cancer

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James Naranji and Kevin Kolb
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Undergraduate Student

Senior PR major James Naranjo and Senior Broadcast major Kevin Kolb partnered with two University of Washington broadcast majors to start their own production company ILM Production, and produce a video narrative of Shelly Smith's final mammogram to determine if chemotherapy had eradicated breast cancer from her body.  Shelly Smith is known for her long career and groundbreaking work as a female sports analyst at ESPN. 

Her much publicized battle with breast cancer was a topic that Mr. Naranjo found fascinating and en lieu of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, the boys took the initiative to contact Smith and pitch the idea of producing a video narrative of that final mammogram to be aired by ESPN.  Shelly loved the idea and even authored the article that accompanies the video and both can be found at the link below.  These students paid for the trip down to Los Angeles out of their own pocket, and because of the quality of their work, ESPN covered their expenses. Additionally, Smith has invited the guys to accompany her on a trip to Florida as she speaks on behalf of National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation to produce similar videos designed to foster greater awareness concerning breast cancer.  Lastly, as a foot in the door, Smith has added these students to the ESPN roster of videographers.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
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Hayley Harrell
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