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Central Washington University’s New Director of Content Development Gives PR Students Career Advice

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Nikki Stetzler
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Richard Moreno, Central’s new director of content development, took time out of his busy schedule to pay a visit to a public relations writing class Monday, Oct. 19.
The students in Jennifer Green's upper division course Advanced PR Writing were given the opportunity to ask Moreno about his career and advice to PR hopefuls.
“The most useful thing I’ve learned was to pay attention to my writing,” Moreno said.
When you are working in public relations you need to be able to tell the story fast. Writing plays a major role in the job. Moreno stressed the students to practice their writing so they can get better.
“The core of it all is being a good writer,” Moreno said.
Moreno told the class that when he first started out in his career he did not pay enough attention to the process and his writing suffered as a result.
Now, in his free time, Moreno writes nonfiction travel history books, the most recent of which is A Short History of Reno.
“When you’re in public relations or advertising, a big part of what you do is research,” Moreno said.
Six weeks ago Moreno came to Central with big plans. He told the class when prospective students look at universities the three most observed factors are cost, availability of majors, and the quality of teachers.
As a result, Moreno and his team are working on revamping Central’s homepage. At the moment the homepage is geared towards laptop users. But Moreno is working to make the site more mobile friendly. This will be a long term project.
Moreno got his start in journalism prior to moving to the public relations field. He spent seven years as the director of advertising and public relations for the Nevada Commission on Tourism.  In August 2006, he moved to Western Illinois University where he served as director of student publications and adviser for The Western Courier, the student newspaper. He currently works for Central Washington University as the director of content development.

Article By PR Student Nikki Stetzler

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
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Hayley Harrell
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