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This year’s SOURCE (Symposium Of University Research and Creative Expression) took place Thursday, May 21, 2015, at the Student Union and Recreation Center on the Ellensburg campus.  In all, CWU students gave 135 session presentations and 204 poster presentations were given, with 47 session presentations and 5 poster presentations mentored by CAH faculty.  Several CAH students were honored with symposium awards.

Creative Expression Best Presentation Awards

Wes Anderson and Mise-­en-­scene

Presenter: Evan Catlin
Mentor:  Melissa Johnson, Film and Video Studies

Feast Your Eyes:  Performances in American Sign Language

Presenters: American Sign Language students (ASL 253 and 301 students)
Mentor: Jer Loudenback, World Languages

Concert Performance of Variations on a Five-­Note Theme by Russell Garcia

Presenters: CWU Horn Ensemble
Mentor: Jeffrey Snedeker, Music


Presenter: Marie Turner
Mentor:  Therese Young, Physical Education, School and Public Health, Dance Program

Creative Works Best Presentation Awards

The Subtleties of Soda

Presenters: Amanda Bury and Noah Charles
Mentor:  Stephen Robison, Art

College of Arts & Humanities Best Oral Presentation Awards 

Your Home Matters

Presenters: Madalyn Freeman, Masey Peone, Robyn Stewart, Aubree Downing, Silver Caoili,
Mentor: Elizabeth Kerns, Communication/Public Relations

Like Something Out of Stephen King

Presenter: T. J. Tranchell
Mentor: Liahna Armstrong, English

The Intermingling of Art and Science

Alyssa Willard
Mentor: Stephen Robison, Art; Anne Cubilié, Douglas Honors College

Congratulations to all of these students and their mentors, as well as all CWU students who participated in the symposium.  For more information about these presentations, the 2015 SOURCE program, and SOURCE in general, see

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
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