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Alumni receive awards

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Nichole Williamson, Matthew Carstens
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2012; 2011

Nichole Williamson and Matthew Carstens both received Society of Professional Student regional awards for their work on the Observer. Williamson placed in the "Best Breaking News Photo" category for her photo of Ellensburg resident Daryl Petrey protesting President Gaudino's retention incentive in the fall. The photo appeared in the Observer issue dated OCt. 27, 2011. Carsten, a graduate of the class of 2011, received yet another award in the "Best Sports Reporting" category for his piece titled "Sports struggles for equality and balance" centered on the lack of diversity in Central's coaching staff and appeared in the Dec. 1, 2011 issue.

Carsten's first award, from the 2010 SPJ Region 10 conference, was for his investigative piece on the high pitch counts on Central's baseball team, coached by Desi Storey. The Observer has yet to hear their placings. The awards were announced last weekend at Pacific Lutheran University during the 2012 SPJ Region 10 Conference.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
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Katharine Lotze
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