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Altman One Of Two To Receive Inaugural AS-L/FF Academic Service-Learning Award

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Matt Altman
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Faculty Member

The CWU Academic Service-Learning Faculty Fellows has announced two winners of its inaugural award to recognize the integration of service-learning in classes taught over the past academic year. One of the winners was our own Dr. Matthew Altman, Professor of Philosophy.

Dr. Altman offered students in his Medical Ethics course the opportunity to develop individualized service-learning projects related to course content as well as their career goals or an issue of personal interest. Included among the final project were a pamphlet for college students on depression, aYoutube video encouraging parents to vaccinate their children by debunking myths about potential harms, an English-Spanish lexicon to facilitate communication between doctors and patients when a translator is not available, and a public presentation by an ROTC/pre-med student on the competing duties of the soldier-physician. 

Student responses to the projects praised the connections and value of these projects to their careers, including several who commented on these being “the most memorable project I’ve done as an undergrad,” and appreciated the opportunity to “engage the ‘gray’ areas of ethics in real life.”

More information on Academic Service-Learning at CWY and the AS-L Faculty Fellows can be found at:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
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Jeffrey Snedeker
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