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Natural Resources: Conservation and Development

Majoring in Geography provides an important skill set that can be applied to helping to negotiate natural resource management for conservation in parks, reserves, or on tribal lands. Understanding the human dimension is just as important and involves working with communities and public stakeholders. Geography majors have gone on to volunteer in the Peace Corps and career success working for conservation organizations or governmental agencies designed to promote natural resource conservation. See a list of job titles and employers for our graduates here. This area requires knowledge of socio-ecological and political dimensions of resource use and environmental change. There is more information about geography careers available from the Association of American Geographers here. Open the link and look under “Environmental Geography” and “Human and Cultural” for ideas.

To learn more about careers in this field, contact: Dr. Jennifer Lipton: 322 Dean Hall, , 963-1164 and Dr. Robert Kuhlken, 963-2795.

If you are interested in a career in conservation and development, we suggest you choose the following advanced courses:





Geography 443 – Energy Policy (4)


Suggested Non-Geography Courses


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