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Kevin Archer

Geography Department Chair
Dean Hall 303
Phone: (509) 963-1130

Welcome to the Department of Geography at Central Washington University! Both the website and the Department are undergoing changes so I hope you revisit this site often to keep track of faculty research and teaching interests as well as our evolving degree programs, including the Master’s Degree Program in Resource Management.  Overall, the Department continues to enjoy relatively high regard for its teaching efforts and research output both at the University as a whole and within the College of the Sciences more specifically.  As a result, the future looks bright for Geography at Central and I am very pleased, as a recently arrived new Chair, to be able to build on the very solid foundation constructed by the Geography faculty who have been here much longer than me.

Indeed, I am proud to be a new member of this growing Department of faculty on top of their disciplinary game.  They all participate well in the holistic teaching and research project which is the scientific discipline of Geography, as I mused many years ago ( "A Folk Guide to Geography as Holistic Science"). 

My own research has gone along two tracks over the last decade or so.  The first concerns the role of science and perception in ecological restoration and environmental policy or, in more contemporary terms, the social construction/production of nature ( “Social Construction of the Environment").  The second track of my research involves the study of the processes of globalization particularly as it pertains to the cultures and politics of cities and regions (“Rescaling Global Governance in the Midst of the Premature Demise of the Nation State” and “Transnationalism”).  In both of these areas, I also have tried to write in a more student friendly way beginning with my ‘Folk Guide…’ article and exemplified best, I hope, with my latest book on The City.  A fuller professional life story, of course, can be found on my CV.