Geography Faculty & Staff

NameCredentialsAreas of Expertise

John Bowen

Ph.D. University of KentuckyEconomic Geography, Air Transport Systems, Asia

Elvin Delgado
Director, Energy Studies Minor
Director, Integrated Energy Management

Ph.D. Syracuse UniversityEnergy and Capitalism, Political Economy and Nature, Critical Resource Geography and Political Ecology
Anthony Gabriel
Co-Director, Cultural and Environmental Resource Management Graduate Program
Ph.D. University of GuelphBiogeography, Lake and river ecosystems, Coastal and wetlands management
Robert HickeyPh.D. University of IdahoGIS, Remote Sensing, Environmental Impact Analysis, Coastal Zones, Australia

Karl Lillquist

Ph.D. University of UtahGeomorphology, Remote Sensing, Climate Change, Arid & Alpine Environments
Jennifer LiptonPh.D. University of TexasEnvironmental Geography, Remote Sensing, Mountain Environments, Latin America
Michael PeasePh.D. Southern Illinois UniversityWater Resources, Physical Geography
Sterling QuinnPh.D Penn State UniversityWeb mapping and GIS, critical cartography, crowdsourced maps, open source software, Latin America
Craig RevelsPh.D. Louisiana State UniversityCultural-Historical Geography, Landscape, Latin America
Megan WalshPh.D. University of OregonBiogeography, Paleoecology, American West
Adjunct Faculty
Holly EnglishM.S. University of Denver 
Elaine GlennM.S. Brigham Young UniversityPolitical Geography, World Regional Geography, Middle East
Mbongowo MbuhPh.D. George Mason UniversityGeomorphology, hydrology, water resources, natural resources, GIS and Remote Sensing
Yanning WeiABD University of WashingtonGIS and China
Emeritus Faculty
James E. BrooksPh.D. University of Washington 
Dee R. EberhartM.A. Northwestern University 
Kenneth A. HammondPh.D. University of Michigan 
James HuckabayPh.D. University of Kansa 
Nancy HultquistPh.D. University of Idaho 
Robert KuhlkenPh.D. Louisiana State University 
George MacinkoPh.D. University of Michigan 
John Q. ResslerPh.D. University of Oregon 
Morris UebelackerPh.D. University of Oregon 

David Cordner
Instructional and Classroom Support Technician

M.S. Central Washington UniversityGIS, spatial web application development, environmental design and perception.

Monica Reece-Bruya
Dean Hall 301
(509) 963-1188

B.A.  Central Washington University