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Geography Career Launcher

Launching Your Career with Geography at Central Washington University

The Geography Department at CWU provides our majors with the knowledge and requisite skills to succeed after graduation. This diverse preparation includes:

A Toolkit of Concepts and Theories:Students will be thoroughly familiar with the discipline’s vocabulary, concepts and themes, and the complexity of physical, human, and cultural systems and issues.

Knowledge of Patterns and Processes:Students will be able to identify the patterns created through the interactions of human systems and physical systems, the networks of intra-and inter-national interdependence, and the manner in which human and physical systems modify each other and control the Earth’s surface and resources.

Communication Skills: Students will be able to communicate effectively in oral, written, and a variety of graphical forms.

Spatial Analysis and Critical Thinking Skills: Students will learn a set of skills useful in spatial analysis. Depending on the courses taken, these skill may include mapping, the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems, quantitative methods, and a wide variety of field methods. All students will sharpen their critical thinking skills. 

The Geography Department at Central Washington University opens doorways to many careers. For a fun look at the possibilities, watch our departmental video. For suggested courses that will help get you started in eight principal areas, click on the links below.

Small Town, Urban, and Regional Planning

Natural Resources: Conservation and Development

Natural Resources: Biogeography

Natural Resources: Water Resources

Natural Resources: Geosciences


GIS/RS-Computer Science/Databases

International Affairs

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