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Geography 388 – Climatology (5)

Elements, factors, and processes affecting Earth’s climates, present, past, and future.

Knowledge and Skills Developed:

  • To be able to describe, analyze, and diagram the basics of the Earth’s atmosphere and major atmospheric processes including energy, pressure, wind, precipitation, air masses, fronts, and storms
  • To be able to recognize the relationships and linkages between the parts of the Earth’s energy budget and explain the factors controlling temperature and precipitation patterns on Earth, and to describe the distribution of climates of the world
  • To understand the tools and technologies used to produce weather forecasts and climate projections
  • To be able to locate and interpret weather maps and satellite images available on the www and to understand what these mean in terms of local/regional/global weather and climate patterns
  • To understand past, present, and future trends in natural and anthropogenic climate change

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