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Geography Major Requirements

All students who wish to major in geography must have a 2.25 minimum GPA in all coursework taken up to the time of admission.

Only students who have completed at least two Geography core classes (Geog 101, Geog 107, Geog 108, Geog 203, and Geog 250) with no grade lower than a C in any of those classes, may be admitted to the Geography Major.

To remain in good standing:

Geography Majors must earn a C- or better in each of the courses in their major contract. In addition, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 every quarter. Failure to maintain these minimum standards will result in the student being placed in probationary status.  Students who remain on probation for two consecutive quarters will be required to re-apply to the major.



Application for the major in Geography

Application for the minor in Geography


Checklist for Bachelor of Arts

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