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Department of Geography
Dean Hall 301
(509) 963-1188

Faculty and Staff

In Memory of our Colleague

Anthony Gabriel, Professor
Ph.D. University of Guelph
Interests and expertise: resource geography; lake and river ecosystems; coastal and wetlands management; environmental hazards and recreation geography.






John Bowen, Professor
Ph.D. University of Kentucky
Interests and expertise: economic geography, air transport systems, Asia.

Elvin Delgado, Professor
Ph.D. Syracuse University
Interests and expertise: energy and capitalism; political economy and nature; critical resource geography and political ecology.

Robert Hickey, Professor
Ph.D. University of Idaho
Interests and expertise: GIS and remote sensing applications in environmental modeling; ore deposit geology and erosion modeling.

Karl Lillquist, Professor
Ph.D. University of Utah
Interests and expertise: geomorphology; remote sensing; climate change; arid and alpine environments.

Jennifer Lipton, Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Texas
Interests and expertise: environmental geography, remote sensing, mountain environments, Latin America.

Michael Pease, Professor, Department Chair, Director of Public Policy Program
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University
Interests and expertise: water resources, physical geography.

Sterling Quinn, Associate Professor, Director of GIS Programs
Ph.D Penn State University
Interests and expertise: Critical cartography in the Internet era, crowdsourced mapping, free and open source GIS, Latin America.

Craig Revels, Associate Professor, On Sabbatical
Ph.D. Louisiana State University
Interests and expertise: cultural-historical Geography, landscape, Latin America.

Megan Walsh, Professor, Co-Director of Cultural and Environmental Resource Management Graduate Program
Ph.D. University of Oregon
Interests and expertise: biogeography, paleoecology, American West.

Adjunct Faculty

Elaine Glenn
M.S. Brigham Young University
Interests and expertise: political geography, world regional geography, Middle East


David Cordner, Instructor, Instructional and Classroom Support Technician
M.S. Central Washington University
Interests and expertise: geographic information systems; spatial web application development, optical and gnss surveying; landscape architecture; environmental perception.

Monica Reece-Bruya, Secretary
Dean Hall 301
(509) 963-1188
B.A.  Central Washington University

Emeritus Faculty

James Brooks
In memoriam: James Brooks
Ph.D. University of Washington

Dee R. Eberhart
In memoriam: Dee R. Eberhart
M.A. Northwestern University   

Anthony Gabriel
In memoriam: Anthony Gabriel
Ph.D. University of Guelph

Kenneth A. Hammond
Ph.D. University of Michigan

James Huckabay
Ph.D. University of Kansas

Nancy Hultquist
In memoriam: Nancy Hultquist
Ph.D. University of Idaho

Martin Kaatz
Ph.D. University of Michigan

Robert Kuhlken
In memoriam: Robert Kuhlken
Ph.D. Louisiana State University

George Macinko
In memoriam: George Macinko
Ph.D. University of Michigan

John Q. Ressler
Ph.D. University of Oregon

Morris Uebelacker
Ph.D. University of Oregon



Kevin Archer, Professor, Director of Integrated Energy Management Program
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
Interest and Expertise: Globalization and cities, environmental thought and politics, political economy, geopolitics, and public policy.









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