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Casey Olsen Stedman

After graduating from Central, I commissioned in the U.S. Air Force and proceeded to flight school, where I earned my wings as a Navigator. I’ve deployed numerous times to contingency operations overseas, including combat action in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in support of national objectives in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Americas.  My studies in the CWU Geography department proved beneficial to my duties in the service, where I used maps and aeronautical charts on a daily basis. The knowledge I received from my courses in geography were critical in helping me to plan flight operations around the world.Casey Olsen Stedman

 In 2007 I transferred to the Air Force Reserve and moved to Youngstown, Ohio, where I am presently assigned.  I now fly as a Navigator on C-130 transports and serve a flight commander and tactical officer.  I’ve been selected to be promoted to the rank of Major in June of 2014.

I’m currently a graduate student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, World-Wide campus, working toward a Masters in Aeronautical Science.  My academic specialization is in Human Factors in aviation, and I expect to complete my degree in the fall of 2014.

When I’m not flying for the Air Force, I’m a proactive advocate for space exploration.  I’m a member of the National Space Society, the Planetary Society, and Astronauts4Hire- the first non-profit commercial astronautics company. My latest project has been serving as the Mission Commander of the 2nd Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) Mars analog program on behalf of NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) on Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii.

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