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Advanced Geography Course Classification, Credit, and Frequency

Course #Human ClassesFrequency
GEOG 108Intro to Human Geography (5)Quarterly
GEOG 304Economic Geography (5)Annual
GEOG 308Cultural Geography (5)Annual
GEOG 346Political Geography (4)Annual
GEOG 408Adv Topics in Human Geography (3)Annual
GEOG 422Geography of Food and Agriculture (5)Biennial
GEOG 440Ecology and Culture (4)Annual
GEOG 460Geography of International Trade (5)Biennial
GEOG 481Urban Geography (5)Annual
Course #Regional ClassesFrequency
GEOG 101World Regional Geography (5)Quarterly
GEOG 273Geography of Rivers (5)Quarterly
GEOG 352Geography of North America (5)Biennial
GEOG 355Geography of the Pacific NW (4)Biennial
GEOG 366Geography of the Middle East (5)Annual
GEOG 371Geography of Europe (5)Biennial
GEOG 415Geography of Oceania (3)Biennial
GEOG 450Geography of Arid Lands (4)Biennial
GEOG 451Mountain Environments (4)Biennial
GEOG 452Coastal Environments (4)Biennial
GEOG 454Geography of Forest Environments (5)Biennial
GEOG 465Wine: A Geographic Appreciation (3)Occasional
GEOG 470Geography of Latin America (4)Annual
GEOG 472Geography of Russia (4)Occasional
GEOG 475Geography of Asia (5)Annual
GEOG 479Geography of the West (1-12)Occasional
Course #Resource ClassesFrequency
GEOG 250Natural Resource Conservation (4)Annual
GEOG 305Intro to Land Use Planning (5)Annual
GEOG 373Water Resources (4)Annual
GEOG 405Adv Topics in Land Use Planning (3)Biennial
GEOG 442Alt Energy Resource & Technology (5)Annual
GEOG 443Energy Policy (5)Biennial
GEOG 445Natural Resources Policy (4)Biennial
GEOG 448Resource and Environmental Analysis (5)Biennial
GEOG 473Watershed Analysis and Planning (4)Biennial
GEOG 498Climate Change (4)Biennial
Course #Physical ClassesFrequency
GEOG 107Intro to Physical Geography (5)Quarterly
GEOG 382Hydrology (5)Annual
GEOG 386Geomorphology (5)Annual
GEOG 361/461Soils (5)Annual
GEOG 388Climatology (5)Annual
GEOG 389Ecosystem Geography (5)Biennial
GEOG 453Wetlands Analysis (4)Biennial
Course #Technique ClassesFrequency
GEOG 203Intro to Maps & Cartography (4)Quarterly
GEOG 303/403Introductory GIS (5)Annual
GEOG 310Intro to Landscape Analysis (5)Occasional
GEOG 404Intermediate GIS (5)Annual
GEOG 409Quantitative Methods in Geography (5)Annual
GEOG 410Airphoto Interpretation (4)Annual
GEOG 413Computer Cartography (4)Annual
GEOG 417Advanced GIS (4)Annual
GEOG 425Field Methods in Geography (5)Annual
GEOG 430Remote Sensing (5)Annual
GEOG 485Topics in GIS & Remote Sensing (4)Occasional
GEOG 494Applied GIS Project (2-6)On Demand
Course #Senior SeminarFrequency
GEOG 489Geography Capstone (2)Annual


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