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Assessing the General Education Program

Responsibility for assessment of the General Education program falls to the GEC and to the faculty teaching courses in the general education program. The Gen Ed program is assessed every seven years. Data collection, review, and consideration for areas of continuous program improvement for specific component area elements happens annually on a three-year cycle that repeats twice within the seven-year period. This work focuses on student level and course level assessment and informs program level assessment in the seventh year, as represented in the Gen Ed Assessment Plan Overview. A report of assessment is presented annually to Faculty Senate including data interpretations, findings, and recommendations.

Program Assessment Policy

Assessment of the Gen Ed program is outlined by university policy CWUP 5-100-060 General Education Program Assessment and includes: Responsibility for Assessment, Collection of Assessment Data, Levels of Assessment, and the Assessment Cycle.

Program Assessment Timeline

Assessment for the general education program will operate on a sever-year cycle per CWUP 5-100-60 as represented by the General Education Assessment Timeline.

Program Assessment Plan

The General Education Assessment Plan is created and maintained by the General Education Committee (GEC) to guide and inform assessment practices at all levels to identify, collect, and prepare data for analysis. Findings are discussed and disseminated by the General Education Committee to inform General Education program decision making.

The General Education Committee framed the assessment plan as an inquiry, emphasizing the process as a dynamic learning opportunity, the results of which can be used to inform decision making designed toward continuous program improvement.

The plan begins with questions of interest to the GEC, in order to: solicit the supporting data from sources as needed, review and explain the data collected, connect the results where appropriate, justify the findings, and make recommendations for improvement.

Assessment Resources

As needed, the GEC, in collaboration with the Provost's Office, develops tools to support Gen Ed assessment practices at each level.

Program Assessment Reports

In alignment with CWUP-5-100-60 General Education Program Assessment the 2021-22 annual assessment report is focused on one First Year Experience element (Quantitative Reasoning), two Knowledge Areas (K3 Creative Expression and K8 Science & Technology), and the Culminating Experience.

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General Education Timeline Year 3

  • Program Assessment Cycles

    Initial 3-year Cycle

    Year 1 Academic Year 2019-20

    Year 2 Academic Year 2020-21

    Year 3 Academic Year 2021-22 (coming soon)

    Repeated 3-year Cycle

    Year 4 Academic Year 2022-23

    Year 5 Academic Year 2023-24

    Year 6 Academic Year 2024-25

    Full Program Assessment

    Year 7 Academic Year 2025-26


General Education Assessment Annual Report AY 2021-22 (coming soon)

General Education Assessment Annual Report AY 2020-21 (coming soon)

General Education Assessment Annual Report AY 2019-20 (coming soon)