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Planning Your Gen Ed Experience and Beyond

Academic Requirements (AR) Report

Your Academic Requirements Report Tracks your progress upon entry to CWU and through degree completion. General Education Program requirements are included in this report. By accessing your report, you will be able to verify classes you have completed, those you have registered for, and those you still need to take.

Advising at CWU

Advising at CWU is comprised of three areas to best meet the timely needs of students as they progress through their academic journey.

  1. First Year & Exploratory Advising serves students who have not yet decided or declared their major at CWU. If you need to contact us, please email or call (509) 963-2722.
  2. Major Advising serves students who are declared or want to apply and declare their major. Declared students will work with College specific Advisors.
  3. Other Advising Programs are specialty programs at CWU. These programs have students work with a specialized advisor from their program in addition to the College Advisor.

Program Planning and Progress

Students have an active role in tailoring their General Education experience to their own interests, needs, and desires. The populated framework, course catalog, and program rules are the tools students use to identify preferences and options as they establish an individualized completion plan. Scheduling and course availability play a part in completion, making early and regular attention to your plan and academic requirements report helpful in completion success.

Academic Planning Tools

The current GE Populated Framework represents the most current updates to the Gen Ed Program as listed in the corresponding Undergraduate Catalog.

The Undergraduate Catalog is designed to help you navigate your academic pathway to success while at Central. It serves as your resource for courses, programs, and academically related policies. Please review it so you can have a seamless journey to graduation.

The Program Rules govern the main elements of the Gen Ed Program, including the First Year Experience, Pathways, Knowledge Areas, and Culminating Experience courses.

You will use your Academic Requirements Report to view your degree requirements. It is important to understand these requirements and how to satisfy them so that you can create a successful academic plan and graduate in a timely manor.

Archived Catalogs are available to view academic requirements from previous years. Please note, the links may be inactive and the content may be out of date.