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Tutorial Services

Are you or someone you know a junior or senior in high school?

Do you like working with children?

Are you interested in earning college credit?

Are you interested in enhancing your resume and college applications?

If you've answered yes to these questions, then the 2+2+2 program may be right for you.

What is the 2+2+2 program?

The 2+2+2 program offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit by tutoring GEAR UP students. High school students must provide 85 hours of volunteer tutoring (internship), attend a college class, and complete a portfolio. Once they have completed these requirements, GEAR UP will pay for the two college credits. In addition, some high school offers simultaneous high school credit.

Do I have to be a junior or senior?

Yes, at this time students must be a high school junior or senior or 16 years of age to obtain college credit. However, sohomore students interested in beginning their internship may be able to do so, but should contact the site director at their school for more information.

Are there any other requirements for me to qualify?

Qualifications may vary from school to school, however generally speaking a student must be in good standing at their school. For additional information, contact the site director at your school.

How can the 2+2+2 program help me?

The program offers many benefits to high school students. Students have the opportunity to develop work experience and job skills by completing their internship hours, which in turn can assist in finding future employment. Students also benefit from earning college credit prior to entering college and both earned college credit and job experience can enhance college applications. The program can also benefit those students who are wondering if they want to work with children or considering a career in teaching by exposing them to the school setting.

How can I sign up?

Schools may vary on their requirements, but the first step would be to contact the GEAR UP Site Director at your school who can guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have.