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CWU PersonnelNLA PersonnelSchool District Personnel
Tracy Plouse
Project Director
Office: 509-963-1771

Barbara Peterson
Co-Executive Director,
Northwest Learning Achievement

Office: 509-877-9906
Cell: 509-969-3263

Bob Ashmore
Site Director, Tonasket
School District
Office: 509-486-2147
Julie Guggino
Research & Sponsored
Program Administrator
Office: 509-963-2640


Robert Fifer
Site Director, Lake Chelan
School District
Office: 509-682-4061
Cell: 509-699-0540

Kelley Quirk
Program Coordinator
Office: 509-963-2118
 Nikki Medved
Site Director, Brewster
School Distric
Office: 509-689-3449 ext 212
Cell: 509-670-7085

Kevin Archer                    Interim Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
Office:  509-963-3101

Marcy Horne
Site Director, Pioneer Middle school, Wenatchee School District
Office: 509-663-7171 ext 570
Cell: 509-663-0453
 Dawn Miller
Site Director, Oroville School District
Office: 509-476-3612
Cell: 509-560-3304
Todd Rouse
Site Director, Omak School District
Office: 509-826-8381
Cell: 509-429-3681

Patti Stracener
Site Director, Manson School District
Office: 509-687-9585
Cell: 509-741-9510

Ernest Henderson
Site Director, Highland School District

Cell: 509-833-2587
Hiring in process
Site Director, Orchard School District
Brittany MacLeod
Site Director, Quincy School District
Office: 509-787-4435 ext 3669
Cell: 509-952-2375