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Points of Connection

Start a Business Alumni Chapter

Being part of a CWU Alumni Chapter is an easy way to stay connected - regionally, internationally or by shared interests. The CWU Alumni Chapter Program provides quality intellectual, social and professional engagement opportunities for alumni where they live or work.

If you are interested in more details to begin or join an existing affinity, corporate or regional chapter, please contact Alumni & Constituent Relations for more information.

Share your relationship capital or network

It’s not only WHAT YOU KNOW but it is WHO YOU KNOW, too. CWU students learn each and every day about their field of choice and future career opportunities. Along the way, students learn, too, that knowing key people can open doors or present opportunities otherwise untouchable. CWU benefits from you sharing not only what you know - - through guest lecturing or serving on industry advisory councils - - but also by who you know. Help a student - - share your network.

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.