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Foundation Board

Dedicated members of the CWU Foundation Board include:

Joe Adams - Chief Executive Officer, 1st Securty Bank of Washington

Kelly Bengston - Vice President, Global Sourcing, Starbucks

Aaron Christophersen - Group Finance Manager, Microsoft

John Delaney - President and CEO, Central Banc Mortgage

Braden Draggoo - Chief Executive Officer, Draggoo Financial

Patricia Galloway - Board Treasurer, CEO, Pegasus Global Holdings

James Gaudino - President, Central Washington University

Gladys Gillis - Owner/Chief Executive Officer, Starline Luxury Coaches

Amy Hanson - Owner/Chief Executive Officer, Hanson Consulting Group

Arne “Skip” Haynes - Chairman, Rainier Connect

Jeff Hensler - Financial Consultant and Senior Partner, Sound Consulting Services

Ozo Jaculewicz - Associate Portfolio Manager, Wells Capital Management

Bea Koempel-Thomas - Patent Attorney-Partner, Lee & Hayes International Practice                                                     Group

Greg LeClair - Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley Smith                                           Barney

Angy Merola - Chief Financial Officer, Glassybaby

Jim Ockerman - Vice President Manufacturing and Safety, Bowing Commercial Aircraft Fabrication

Otto Pijpker - Director, Marketing & Communications Office of CIO Microsoft

Lynnae Schneller - Owner, Chick-fil-A

Gary Wolf - Senior Sales Executive, Coca-Cola


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