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Records Management

Recreation: Challenge Course

On-Line Program Request Form: Please use this above form to request your next visit to the CWU Challenge Course.

Hard Copies of Forms:

Waiver Form (PDF)

Challenge Course Pre-Program Request Form
Request Form (PDF)

If you prefer to fill out, save and email, or print using the word document format, please click on the form below:

Waiver Form (WORD)

Challenge Course Pre-Program Request Form
Request Form (WORD)

*Regarding these forms, in order for the information you enter to be saved and submitted correctly to the challenge course personnel, you MUST have the latest Acrobat Reader, which is currently Acrobat Reader 10.1.***

Click here to download the latest Acrobat Reader
 Get Adobe Acrobat Reader - Clicking on this button takes you to Adobe website

Pre registration is required. For more information and/or to book your program, call (509) 963-3539, or email at

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Registrar Services

Enrollment/ Course Registration Forms

Arranged Course Permission

Course Challenge/ Credit By Examination

Course Repeat Approval

Individual Study Permit

Leave of Absence

Non-Matriculated Student Application

Schedule Change

Tuition & Fees Petition


Program and Degree Related Forms

Blanket Substitution Request

General Education Petition

Graduation Application

Graduation Application Withdrawal

Permit to Substitute

Petition for Late Graduation Application

Request for Duplicate Undergraduate Diploma/ Diploma Reorder*
    *to reorder a diploma for a graduate degree click here


Additional Forms

Name, Gender, or Social Security Number Change

Paid Credit Evaluation Request

Release of Information

Residency Questionnaire and Checklist

Transcript Request

Unofficial Transcript Evaluation Request


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Scheduling Center

Here you will find a list of forms and resources we have available to help you with your event planning and preparations. For further assistance please feel free to call our office at 509-963-1321.

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Science Education

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Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP)

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Security Services

Services and Activities

Service Desk

Sociology Department 

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Sport Clubs

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Student Accounts

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Student Success

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Student Employment

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Student Teaching

For the PDF files below, it is recommended you save them to your computer.

To save the filled out forms, you will need Adobe Reader XI (FAQs).

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SURC Accounting

  • Travel:
  • Travel Authorization – Travel Authorizations must be completed prior to travel. Please turn in to SURC Accounting prior to Dean and Provost Signature when having the funding packet reviewed. For help, you can refer to our example.
  • Travel Voucher – This form details the items for reimbursement when travel is involved. Please make sure to complete each section as shown in the example. For help, you can refer to our example.
  • Mileage Calculator  – If funds a being reimbursed for travel based on mileage, the travel websites mileage calculator may be used to calculate the amount for reimbursement. The amount that will be reimbursed will be the lesser of the two values as shown next to where it states “Allowable Reimbursement”.
  • Guest Speaker:
  • A-19 – If an Invoice is not supplied by the Guest Speaker, an A-19 must be completed.
  • W-9 – This form is required for tax purposes.
  • Personal Services Agreement – This form must be completed if the price of the guest speaker is $500.00 or greater. A University representative (please speak with SURC Accounting to find correct University representative) must sign this form on behalf of the University. For any questions on completion of this form, please contact SURC Accounting.
  • Other:
  • Quick Reference Brochure  – This brochure is intended to cover the basic processes for the most common reasons individuals come into our office. Additional steps may need to be taken based on individual situations.
  • Signatory List  – Club and Organization transactions require a minimum of two signatories, make sure to have at least two signatories on a list prior to turning the form in (the more there are, the easier it will be to complete a transaction). Make sure to check the box near the bottom indicating where funds will be transferred to in the event that a club or organization should disband or fail to be recognized for 3 years.
  • Lost Receipt Form – A lost receipt form completed by a club will result in warning for the first occurrence, and probationary status for the Club/Organization on a second occurrence, meaning cash advances will NOT be available to the Club or Organization for a period of 11 weeks.
  • Receipt/Documentation Policy  - A quick reference for documentation requirements and simple procedures for various types of transactions. This document also details some of the results of failure to supply receipts.
  • Deposit Slip – In order to help make the deposit counts easier, we have provided a form that you can print out yourself. Please bring this slip in with your deposit to verify counts or you complete one in the office.

Surplus & Asset Management

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Theater Arts 

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Training & Development 

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Travel Forms

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Tutoring Forms - Learning Commons

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Wildcat Printing (Formerly Copycat Printing)

University Advancement

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University Store

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Veterans' Center

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Video, Teleconference, & Multimedia Services

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William O. Douglas Honors College

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Women's Studies

World Languages Department

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