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Economics Department

Educational Foundations and Curriculum

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Education and Professional Studies


Masters Program:

Residency Principal / Program Administrator Certification:


Administrator Professional Certification:

Educational Technology Center

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Environmental Health & Safety

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Environmental Studies

Advising and Application Forms

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Events Outreach

Facilities Management (updated 5/13/14)

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Faculty Senate  (updated 5/14/15)

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 Family & Consumer Sciences (updated 5/14/15)

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Field Experiences, Office of (updated 5/14/15)

Finance & Supply Chain Management

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Financial Aid

Security Notice

In order to protect your personal information when sending forms and worksheets to the Financial Aid Office, please use your CWU Outlook account or fax the document to us at (509)963-1788. Emails that are sent from your CWU Outlook account to another CWU Outlook account are sent within our network, and are therefore protected by our Firewall.


These forms and worksheets are PDF's (portable document format). You will need software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview to view these files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it for free from the Adobe Web site.



Refer to your "To Do" List on MyCWU > Sign In > Financial Toolbox > View Financial Aid to identify which form you need to fill out.

Instructions Regarding Verification Changes

How to get your Tax Return Transcript                      
1. Go to 
2. Click on Tools                                          
3. Select Get Transcript for My Tax Records
4. Select Get Transcript Online
Sample of a Tax Return Transcript

How to get your W-2 Forms
1. Go to
2. Select W-2 Form
3. Select Get W-2 Online
Sample of a W-2 Form

Dependent Verification
Instructions for Dependent Student Verification
DV1: Dependent Student Verification Form V1
DV3: Dependent Student Verification Form V3
DV4: Dependent Student Verification Form V4
DV5: Dependent Student Verification Form V5
DV6: Dependent Student Verification Form V6

Independent Verification
Instructions for Independent Student Verification
IV1: Independent Student Verification Form V1
IV3: Independent Student Verification From V3
IV4: Independent Student Verification Form V4

IV5: Independent Student Verification Form V5
IV6: Independent Student Verification Form V6

Consent to Obtain Credit Report
Parent PLUS Loan In-School deferment Form
Federal Loan Deferment Information

Revision Request
Dependent Care Allowance
Teach Grant/Loan Revision Request
Aviation Cost of Attendance Revision Request

Satisfactory Progress
Satisfactory Progress Policy 2015-2016
Satisfactory Academic Progress Petition Form 2015-2016
Satisfactory Academic Progress Academic Plan

Other Forms
Release of Information
Military Deferment Request
Web Sites and Phone Numbers
Disability Discharge Statement
Income and Family Expense Form
Parent Asset Form
Student Asset Form

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World Languages Department

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