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World Languages and Cultures


Russian is Central!

Everything you need to know about the Russian Program at Central Washington University!

Welcome to the Russian Studies at CWU. We offer both a Major and a Minor, in small, student-centered classes. Our program offers classes on Russian language and Russian culture, history, and society. We collaborate with other departments to bring students courses on Russian film, history, literature, and political science. Russian is not only the language of the largest country in the world, but is also spoken in 15 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia by over 160 million people. Russian is designated as a critical language by the US Government, which means the demand for experts in Russian is greater than the
current supply. Consider taking Russian Studies for careers in the government, foreign service, military, journalism, international NGOs and business, education, and tourism.

Russian Program Requirements:

RUSS 251, 252, 253 (Second year Russian)

RUSS 341, 342 (Intermediate Comp and Grammar)

RUSS 441 (Advanced Comp and Grammar)

RUSS 445 (Topics)

*Majors need 17 approved elective credits*

Russian Major Suggested Four-Year Plan: Click HERE for information

Russian Minor Suggested Four-Year Plan: Click HERE for information

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