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World Languages and Cultures

College of Arts and Humanities

I've decided on a World Languages major or minor. Now where do I get advising?

Once you are in a major/minor or near to declaring one, in most academic departments at CWU, you will have BOTH a faculty advisor and an academic support advisor. We work as a team. Together, we address all the details of your academic progress with the goals of getting you to degree completion and graduation in a timely manner.

The Major advisor will address topics such as:

  • Course choices and specialization within the major
  • Career pathways within that discipline
  • Internship and Research opportunities
  • Mentoring and letters of recommendation
  • Progress to degree completion and graduation

The academic support advisor will address topics such as:

  •  General Education (basic and breadth) requirements
  •  Progress to degree completion and graduation
  •  General academic planning
  •  Academic warning/ probation/ suspension
  •  Advising holds

The World Languages Academic Support Counselor is Greg Rankin he is located in Academic Advising - 145 Randall, Phone 963-3423

The WL Major and Minor advisors are:

ASL: Dr. Taralynn Petrites, Language and Literature 102C Phone 676-6090

Chinese: Yuanxia Liu, Language and Literature 1020

French: Dr. Michael Johnson, Language and Literature 102I Phone 963-3343

German: Dr. Laurie Moshier, Language and Literature 102G Phone 963-1219

Japanese: Dr. Josh Nelson, Language and Literature 102K Phone 963-1768

Russian: Dr. Volha Isakava, Language and Literature 102F Phone 963-3338

Spanish: Dr. Rodney Bransdorfer, Language and Literature 102M Phone 963-2361

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