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International Cafe: Speaking My Language


international cafe

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Guten Tag, こんにちは, is little taste of what you heard at the International Café this past week. Well, what is international café you may ask? How can I get involved? What do you do? We sat down with Dalia Ruiz, a Russian and Art major at CWU and talked with her all about her experience at International Café.

What exactly is International Café? "The café is a gathering of international students that are interested in practicing their English and getting CWU students to interact with other individuals around the world through conversation and fun games. Everyone gets the opportunity to make friends, practice your social skills and mingle through a couple of fun games. Who doesn’t love a fun afternoon socializing with new friends? The type of games that were played on Thursday was an interactive sign language game that everyone got to learn their favorite word in sign language and then went around your group learning each other’s sign. Other games that participants got to play was a competitive round of trivia, and a card game that made everyone interact with each other constantly".

What kind of people did you meet? “I met people from around all around Washington, even Japan! There were people from all kinds of majors such as business, communications and myself, art”.

What did you take away from international café? “I got to meet a Japanese foreign exchange student who was interested in Spanish and I had a lot of fun helping her practice and speak the language. I also made some new Instagram followers from Tokyo, which is super cool because you don’t always get to run into people from different countries all the time”.

Would you go to International Café again? Would recommend it to anyone? “Yes, I definitely would go again, I told my friends about the experience the same day and they seemed interested in the next international café”.

Your heard it from the students at CWU! International café is great way to interact with students around the world by playing fun games, eating snacks, and taking a break from the books. If you’d like more information about international café please visit:


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