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Information for incoming transfer students

  1. 1st and 2nd year courses in the Foreign Languages department are offered sequentially. This means that 151 and 251 are offered in Fall, 152 and 252 are offered in Winter and 153 and 253 are offered in Spring.
    Fall Winter Spring
    151 – First Year 152 – First Year 153 – First Year
    251 – Second Year 252 – Second Year 253 – Second Year
  2. Because the classes are sequential, they build on each other and cannot be taken out of order unless you test into a higher level within the sequence.
  3. Some languages are offered as an intensive, 15-credit sequence in the summer.
  4. The CLEP exam can be taken in French or German to obtain credit for either first or second year (depending on proficiency).
  5. In Spanish, if you place into 300 level classes, you need to take 341 (for non-heritage speakers) and 345 (for heritage speakers) in FALL because they are the pre-requisites for most all other upper division courses. The only way to get into courses in the Winter or Spring is to take 341/345 in Fall.
  6. If you have any questions, please speak with an advisor as soon as possible.
    Name Language Office # Phone Number Email
    Taralynn Petrites ASL LANG 102C (509) 676-6090 (Relay Service)
    Volha Isakava Chinese  LANG 102J
    Michael Johnson French  LANG 102O (509) 963-1218
    Laurie Moshier German  LANG 102G
    Josh Nelson Japanese LANG 102K (509) 963-1768
    Volha Isakava Russian  LANG 102F
    Eric Mayer  Spanish LANG 102M
  7. For placement testing please click here.

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