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World Languages and Cultures

Heritage Spanish is Central

Since you are already familar with Spanish, consider pursing a Spanish minor (30 credits) or even a major (50 credits).  We offer second and third-year courses especially designed for heritage speakers like you.  In the course of your studies you will interact with students who share a similar linguistic and cultural background, and learn about the cutlures and literatures of the Hispanic world with dedicated professors who look forward to exchanging ideas and experiences with you.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers Minor Requirements:

SPAN 261, 262, 263 (Second year Spanish)

SPAN 345 (Comp & Gram I)

*Must have 8 approved elective credits

Heritage Speakers Major Requirements:

SPAN 261, 262, 263 ( Second year Spanish)

SPAN 345 (Comp & Gram I)

SPAN 346 (Inter Comp & Gram II)

SPAN 301 (Intro to Literature)

SPAN 310 (Civ & Culture)

Language Electives - 8 credits

Literature Electives - 8 credits


Spanish Placement Testing

Spanish Placement Testing

1. Make an appointment with Testing Services to take the exam. They can be reached by telephone (509-963-1847), in person at 105 Buillon Hall, or online at
2. Go to the Cashiers in Barge Hall. Tell them that you need to pay for the Spanish Placement Exam ($25). Make sure that you save your receipt and take it with you when you take the exam.
3. Take the test at your scheduled time. Make sure you have your receipt and ID.
4. Your score will be automatically sent to Dr. Bransdorfer.
5. Email Dr. Bransdorfer (  once you have completed the test to schedule a meeting with him.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The placement test scores are not tied into CWU’s computer system. Therefore, you will not be able to enroll in a Spanish class above the 151 level through MyCWU. If you decide to enroll in a Spanish course above the 151 level after taking the placement exam, you must contact Dr. Bransdorfer who will be able to facilitate your enrollment.

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