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Financial Aid

Guide for Financial Aid Recipients at CWU

Welcome to Central!

We are pleased to assist you in obtaining a financial aid award to    
attend Central Washington University. The aid offer is contingent on your  
eligibility at the time of disbursement.

IMPORTANT!  You must accept or decline your Student Aid at, MyCWU > Sign In > Financial Toolbox > Accept/Decline Awards.   Requires CWU ID and password.

Please Note:  Summer 2019 aid is based on the 2018-2019 FAFSA.  Summer information and application is available spring quarter at Please submit the summer application as soon as you enroll for summer quarter.

General Information About Your Academic Year Award Notice:

Typical Cost of Attendance (COA):

Estimated Educational Expenses:
Fees $1,791
Estimated COA:$22,482

Expected Family Contribution (EFC):

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) data is used  to calculate an "Expected Family Contribution" (EFC). This assessment of assets, prior year income, and personal information determines the amount the family is expected to contribute from its resources to meet the student’s cost of attendance. If you have experienced a significant reduction of income compared to the previous year, please document the change and contact our office.

The financial “NEED” is the difference between CWU’s estimated "Cost of Attendance" (COA) and the Federal determination of the EFC.           

COA – EFC = Need
Your award may include government sponsored grants, work study employment, and subsidized loan if you have “need.” Central attempts, with limited funds, to offer aid up to the COA. Unsubsidized student loan and parent loan may be offered to cover EFC and unmet COA.


  • Accept, reduce, or decline your aid at > MyCWU > Sign In > Financial Toolbox >  Accept/Decline Awards.   
  • Census date is the day after the add/ drop change of schedule period. Make sure to be fully enrolled on census date. Grants are prorated to census date enrollment and cannot be adjusted for late registration.
  • Complete new borrower's loan entrance counseling at
  • Sign on-line master promissory notes for student and parent at
  • Parents must complete the PLUS loan request process at for a parent loan.  
  • If you are pre-enrolled as a full-time student, your aid will credit to your student account on the third day of class. Adjustments and disbursements for less than full time enrollment will be made after census date.
  • Refund of excess funds usually occurs 3-4 days following census date. See Student Financial Services for refund dates.

See for additional information. 

CWU Participates in the following financial aid programs:


Pell Grant
SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)  
Direct Loans - Include:

  • Subsidized & Unsubsidized Loans—Student Loan.
  • Graduate Plus—Additional Graduate Student Loan.
  • PLUS—Parent Loan

Perkins Loan
TEACH— Grant/loan
Federal Work Study


Washington College Grant (WCG) 
Washington Scholar, WAVE, and Future Teacher
Passport to College  
State Work Study


Tuition awards are given for merit, recruitment, need, dependents/spouses of deceased or disabled veterans, firefighters and police, and certain dependents of CWU employees. See details at Scholarships- see

Transfer and First-Year Students

Send an official final academic transcript to Admissions. We cannot disburse aid until Admissions has your final transcript.

Mid-year transfers; please contact your prior school immediately to inform them you are transferring and ask them to cancel any pending aid.

Part-Time Employment

Student jobs are listed on the Student Job Board, located on Human Resources - Student Employment Website. Bring appropriate original ID to the Student Employment Office to complete the I-9 form before you begin to work.

Work Study Program

Work-Study is a need-based financial aid employment award and is available to undergraduates, post-baccalaureates and graduates during the academic year. Hourly wages begin at minimum wage and go up to $15+ per hour, depending on job duties. If you have financial aid need that is not filled with grants and scholarships, or have a subsidized loan, you are probably eligible. Eligible students will receive the Work Study Personnel Action Form in the mail soon after the initial financial aid award if you checked on the FAFSA that you are interested in Work Study. If you did not indicate interest on the FAFSA but would like Work Study, see a Financial Aid Counselor. Go to the Student Employment Website for more information and to search the online Job Board. Contact Student Employment or Financial Aid if you have questions.

Summer Session

Summer is the fourth quarter of the aid year; summer 2019 aid will require a 2018-2019 FAFSA.

Summer information and application is available spring  
quarter at

Financial Aid Adjustments

You are required to report all resources such as scholarships, guaranteed sources, and DVR. We will make necessary adjustments. It is always our policy and intention to make adjustments to the best advantage of the student if possible. Financial Aid is credited to your account by the third day of class if you are pre-enrolled in 12 credits (10 if Masters). Adjustments are made for less than full-time enrollment on Census date (immediately following add/drop). Please see for Refund day. Students who receive financial aid funds and consider withdrawing during the quarter should meet with a Financial Aid Counselor prior to withdrawal to discuss resulting financial obligations. Complete withdrawal always results in Financial aid suspension, but may be appealed for special circumstances.  Please review the Return of Funds Policy carefully before making a decision.

A grade of  No-Show (NS) can result in some or all aid being canceled, creating an immediate amount due.

Education Tax Incentives 

See IRS Publication 970.   
Information on tax credits and other issues related to financial aid can be found at:

Your Responsibility:

  • Use your legal name, Social Security Number, and birth date for both the FAFSA and CWU admission application.
  • Complete registration by the end of add/drop change of schedule period.
  • Inform the Financial Aid Office, in writing, if you receive additional resources from other sources such as scholarships, DVR, or employer reimbursement of tuition.
  • ACCEPT, REDUCE, OR DECLINE YOUR AID Go to  MyCWU > Sign In > Financial Toolbox >  Accept/Decline Awards
  • First time student borrowers:  Complete new borrower's entrance counseling at All first time borrowers:  Complete the student and/or parent Electronic Master Promissory Note and online PLUS Request at
  • If an unwanted Federal loan pays to your account, write VOID on the refund check and return to the Financial Aid Office within 14 days with written notice to cancel or reduce the loan.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you want to return loan funds but do not have a paper check to return, and you may want to reduce or cancel future loan disbursements
  • All student borrowers:  Complete an Exit Interview before you leave school at
  • Master’s candidates must enroll in at least 5 credits of course work at #501 level or higher to receive aid
  • Read and respond immediately to any correspondence from the Financial Aid Office, which will normally be sent to your CWU email address.
  • Keep your address and phone number updated on > MyCWU
  • Check CWU Outlook email and MyCWU > Sign In > Financial Toolbox frequently. You can set up your Outlook CWU email to forward to your preferred email address.
  • Check your “To Do List” on MyCWU frequently.
  • Make progress toward a degree as described in the "Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards Policy.”  The policy is available on line at
  • REAPPLY ANNUALLY—the priority deadline is February 1.
  • April 1 is the priority deadline for verification
  • May 15 is the priority deadline for summer aid applications
  • Keep your award notices, promissory note, disclosure notices, and FSA ID info in a safe place
  • Inform the Financial Aid Office if you transfer to another school
  • Make sure you know the details of your loan repayment options as you prepare to leave school
  • Begin repayment of your loans within six months of leaving school and maintain good communication with your lender(s)

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