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Financial Aid

Involuntary Loss of Income

Due Date: August 1

If your family's financial situation has changed since last filing your FAFSA you may be eligible to file a special circumstances appeal. Your request will be given full consideration. However, an approval is not guaranteed, and we will only consider fully  documented situations that  fall within the parameters of Federal Guidelines. The decision of the CWU Financial Aid office is final.

Please meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to determine if your situation meets eligible criteria.  They can inform you of the process and help you determine what documents should be included in your request.

Special circumstances include:

  • DEATH: The student has already applied for Federal Student Aid, but since that time, one of the student's parents has died. Provide a copy of death certificate.
  • SUBSTANTIAL INVOLUNTARY LOSS OF INCOME: at least a 25% reduction in income earned from work between 2016 and 2018 that has lasted for at least 10 weeks (i.e., business closure, reduction in force, etc.)
  • OTHER: There is a change in income, but it does not fit one of the above reasons.

Examples that could be considered:

·         Unemployment benefits were terminated

·         Conversion of a regular IRA into a Roth IRA

·         Change in family assets (savings) due to unexpected circumstances

·         Retrieval of retirement savings for expenses beyond the family’s control

Examples that will not be considered:

·         One time payments/inheritance

·         Voluntarily leave your job

·         Retrieval of retirement savings for expenses other than those beyond the family’s control

·         Change in parent marital status after filing a FAFSA


Revisions will be considered based upon the reason for the request and the supporting documentation provided. Dependent students will need to complete a Parent Contribution Revision Request and submit a signed copy of their parent's Federal Tax Transcript and W-2's. If the tax information is not yet available, please send the final pay stub or other supporting documentation with this revision request.

Please contact the financial aid office to discuss your situation with a financial aid counselor and learn the next steps for requesting a revision to your FAFSA application.

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