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Financial Aid

2017 - 2018 Cost of Attendance

 ResidentDependent *Commuter (living w/ family)Independent *Commuter  (living w/ family, married & 2 in college)Non-

Direct Costs
S & A Fees$696$696$696$696
Mandatory Fees $1,116$1,116$1,116**$1,116
Room and Board $10,684$3,757$10,684$10,684

Other Costs

Cost of Attendance






 Resident*Commuter (living w/ family, married & 2 in college)Non-

Direct Costs
S & A Fees$696$696$696
Fees $1,116$1,116**$1,116
Room and Board$10,684$8,835$10,684

Other Costs

Cost of Attendance





*In a financial aid context, the term "commuter" means "living with family."

  • Commuter student room and board (dependent student living with relatives): $3,757
  • Married two in college and commuter student room and board (independent student living with relatives): $8,835
  • If you have excessive transportation expenses you may request an additional transportation allowance.
  • If you have daycare expenses or dependent care expenses, you may submit a request to increase your COA. Please see "Request for Childcare Allowance"
  • Eligible educational expenses (such as course fees, lab fees, and housing fees) that are charged to your student account, will be added to your COA automatically. We will review additional requests if sufficient documentation is provided. Please see "Revision Request".
  • COA may be increased for the purchase of a computer; however, this may only be done one time during your student career.

Fees: Health Center $264, Wellness $54, Athletic $168, Technology $90, Safe ride $9, Recreation Center $306, Student Union Building $207, Washington Student Lobby $3, Math & Writing Tutoring $15

** All non-government sponsored, matriculated international students, attending classes at the Ellensburg campus are assessed the $200 International Student Activities and Programming Fee (fall, winter, and spring quarters). This fee funds essential support services for international students. 

** All government sponsored students are assessed a $200 Sponsored Student fee for each quarter of attendence (fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters).

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