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Financial Aid

2014 - 2015 Estimated Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimated budget comprised of anticipated tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation allowance, and a personal expense allowance. Non-traditional student budgets may include a dependent care allowance upon request. You can request an increase of your COA one time for a computer purchase while at Central. Other “education-related expenses” can be added to the student budget if a properly documented request is submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

These calculations are based on attendance of half-time or more— adjustments will be made for less-than-half-time attendance. For information on the per credit costs please visit the Registrar website.

*In a financial aid context, the term "commuter" means "living with family."


 ResidentDependent *Commuter (living w/ family)Independent *Commuter  (living w/ family, married & 2 in college)Non-

Direct Costs
S & A Fees$696$696$696$696
Mandatory Fees$1,095$1,095$1,095$1,095
Room and Board $10,285$3,246$8,014$10,285

Other Costs

Cost of Attendance






 Resident*Commuter (living w/ family, married & 2 in college)Non-

Direct Costs
S & A Fees$696$696$696 
Mandatory Fees$1,095$1,095$1,095 
Room and Board$10,285$8,014$10,285 

Other Costs

Cost of Attendance




• Commuter student room and board (dependent student living with relatives): $3,246
• Married two in college and commuter student room and board (independent student living with relatives): $8,014
• If you have excessive transportation expenses you may request an additional transportation allowance.
• If you have daycare expenses or dependent care expenses, you may submit a request to increase your COA. Please see "Request for Childcare Allowance"
• Additional educational expenses (such as course fees, lab fees, tuition overload fees, etc.) may be added to your COA upon request and with appropriate documentation. Please see "Revision Request"
• COA may be increased for the purchase of a computer; however, this may only be done one time during your student career.
Mandatory Fees: Health Center $264, Wellness $33, Athletic $163, Technology $90, Safe ride $10, Recreation Center $306, Student Union Building $207, Washington Student Lobby $3, Math & Writing Tutoring $15