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Contact Information

For all Regular Travel Queries

Joyce De Priest
Fiscal Analyst
MS 7470
Chris Harrison
Fiscal Specialist
MS 7470


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Online Travel User Guides


Travel Authorizations

Travel Expense Reports

Managers & Fund Administrators

Creating a Travel Authorization - Quick Guide
Creating an Expense Report - Quick Guide
Approving a Travel and Expense Transaction
Create a Travel Authorization from a blank form
Create an Expense Report from a blank report form
Instructions on How to Find Who is the Project Manager for a PID
    Create a Travel Authorization from a blank form with a Cash Advance
    Create an Expense Report from a Travel Authorization (Apply a Cash Advance)
    Modify a Travel Authorization that has been sent back for revision
    Modify an Expense Report that has been sent back for revision




    Travel Regulations


    Traveler Responsibilities (SAAM 10.10.15, SAAM 10.80.20)
    All travelers shall obtain approval before traveling on official CWU business.  It is the travelers’ responsibility to be familiar with CWU travel guidelines and policies.  The university will not reimburse unauthorized travel expenses.  The traveler is expected to pay excess costs for personal preference, convenience, and unnecessary expenses while in travel status.  It is the travelers’ responsibility to prepare and/or certify travel expenses being claimed are true and accurate.  The traveler is responsible for providing detailed supporting documents for travel expenses to the person authorized to approve travel.



    Travel Information



    Please note that no airfare may be booked without an approved travel authorization in MyCWU.


    Mileage and Vehicle Rentals



    Meals While Traveling



    Corporate Travel Card Program



    Joyce De Priest, Fiscal Analyst


    International Travel



    Interview Candidates / Non CWU-Employee Travel



    External Grant/Contract Sponsored Travel

    Heather Harrell, Post Awards Manager

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    Travel Forms and Checklists




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