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Travel Expense Voucher

Download the Travel Expense Voucher Here!

The Travel Expense Voucher form must be used to reimburse travel expenses that are incurred by an employee in travel status. Each voucher may cover one or more trips. When more than one trip is submitted on a single voucher, each trip must be clearly identified. Claims for travel expense reimbursement should be submitted within ten days from the return of a trip.

The following required information on the Travel Expense Voucher must be typed or written in ink legibly:

  • Name and address of traveler
  • Month and year of travel
  • Official station and official residence
  • Trip information - date, location and time of departure and return
  • Purpose of trip including beginning and ending dates and times of function
  • 10-digit account number and amount. Check here for a list of subcodes.
  •  Signature of traveler
  •  Signature of approving authority for the account

Additional information, as appropriate, must be included on the voucher as follows:

  • Daily reimbursement allowance per meal
  • Daily reimbursement allowance for lodging expenses (Travel Authorization must be attached with appropriate box checked and signature for exception to the maximum lodging allowance). Receipt must be attached.
  • Reimbursable mileage appropriately classified
  • Calculations of mileage rates (State vs. Motor Pool)
  • Detail of other expenses
  • All applicable totals

When traveling with other CWU employee(s), indicate the name(s) of the other traveler(s).

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