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Travel Advances Form

An advance for travel expenses is available to state employees traveling on official business. Travel advance requests must be at least $100 and must not exceed 30 days authorized per diem allowance. The Travel Advance Request form must be signed by the traveler and approved by the Dean or PBA and the Budget Office. The completed request form must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Office at least five (5) working days prior to the departure date.

The traveler is responsible to refund any unused travel advance at the Cashier's Office, Barge 105. According to the State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM) section 10.80.60.d, the completed Travel Expense Voucher shall be submitted to the Accounts Payable office on or before the tenth day of the following month in which the travelers official travel status ended.

Advances not settled within the allowable period are considered delinquent accounts. The full-unpaid amount shall become immediately due and payable with interest of 10% per annum from date of default until paid, and may cause withholding of any amounts payable by the university to the employee up to the amount of the delinquent travel advance plus interest (SAAM 10.80.60.e).

An interest calculator can be found at the following link: Interest Calculator.

Employees may have only one travel advance outstanding at any given time. No advance shall be made to any employee with an outstanding or delinquent account.

The advance shall only be made to the individual employee to cover his/her own per diem allowance. Only when a faculty advisor is traveling with a group of students for whom travel expenses are allowed shall an advance be made to the faculty advisor on behalf of the group. The faculty advisor is accountable for such advance.

IRS regulations require that failure on the part of a traveler receiving a travel advance to substantiate the travel expenses or to return the unspent portion of the travel advance within a reasonable time period will have the advance reported as income and the amount is subject to applicable payroll withholding tax.

In lieu of travel advance, employees are encouraged to obtain and utilize an Payment Tech Corporate Card. These cards can be obtained by contacting the Controller's Office (2325) for an application and regulations.

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