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Business and Financial Affairs


Traveling for CWU


Contact Information


Kathy Reynolds 509-963-2621

Lisa Saucier 509-963-1986

Sara Raynor 509-963-1985

Training Materials


Travel 101 Presentation

Overview of regulations and MyCWU

Travel Help Brochure

Quick-guide for common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers questions about MyCWU processes
Non-Travel Employee Reimbursement User Guide Provides instructions for submitting a request.

Travel Regulations

Traveler Responsibilities (SAAM 10.10.15, SAAM 10.80.20)

    All travelers shall obtain approval before traveling on official CWU business.  It is the travelers’ responsibility to be familiar with CWU travel guidelines and policies.  The university will not reimburse unauthorized travel expenses.  The traveler is expected to pay excess costs for personal preference, convenience, and unnecessary expenses while in travel status.  It is the travelers’ responsibility to prepare and/or certify travel expenses being claimed are true and accurate.  The traveler is responsible for providing detailed supporting documents for travel expenses to the person authorized to approve travel.

Description CWUR Number What you Need to Know

Travel Authorization


  • Traveler responsibilities
  • When to submit an authorization in MyCWU

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Cash Advance

  • Process to obtain and reconcile your advance

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Expense Report

  • Traveler and department responsibilities
  • When to submit an expense report in MyCWU
  • When expenses cannot be reimbursed

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Air Travel

  • CWU Travel Agent contact information
  • When a traveler is allowed to book airfare for CWU travel
  • Additional Tools

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Vehicle Rentals

  • Enterprise contract information
  • When/how a traveler should rent a vehicle
  • Restrictions and considerations when renting a vehicle
  • Additional Tools

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Hotel/Motel Reservations and Accomodations

  • How to make a hotel reservation
  • When to connect with the CWU Travel or Purchasing Departments
  • Vendors under contract

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Lodging Reimbursement

  • WA State, USA and International per diem rates
  • "Maximum Lodging Exception" Explanation
  • "50-mile Rule" Explanation
  • Additional Tools

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Meal Reimbursement


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Mileage Reimbursement

  • When to use the "State Rate" or the "Motorpool Rate"
  • Mileage guidelines and exceptions
  • Additional Tools

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Mileage Log Procedures

  • For departments with an assigned vehicle lease from Motor Pool

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Motor Pool Procedures

  • How and when to reserve a vehicle through the CWU Motor Pool office

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Domestic Group Travel Procedures

  • Essential information for the designated leader of any group travel in the US

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Foreign Travel Procedures

  • Essential information for the designated leader of any foreign group travel
  • Additional Tools

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Travel Payments by Non-University Sources

  • Definitions and guidelines

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Other Travel Expenses

  • Registration fees
  • Interview candidate meals
  • Personal telephone calls while traveling
  • Checked baggage fees
  • Additional Tools

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Corporate Travel Cards

  • Who is eligible for a card
  • What types of cards are available
  • Restrictions and guidelines on use
  • Additional Tools

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Additional Tools and Resources



Please note that no airfare may be booked without an approved travel authorization in MyCWU.

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Mileage and Vehicle Rentals


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Meals/Lodging While Traveling




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Corporate Travel Card Program



Kathy Reynolds, Fiscal Specialist

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International Travel


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Interview Candidates / Non CWU-Employee Travel


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External Grant/Contract Sponsored Travel

Heather Harrell, Post Awards Manager

Additional Resources


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Travel Forms and Checklists




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