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Payroll Procedures, Forms, Checklists and Information:

Payroll Procedures:

Payroll Forms and Checklists:

  • Address Change Form - Students [PDF] [Word]
  • Address Change Form - Faculty & Staff [PDF]
  • Copy of W2 Request [PDF] [Word]
  • Direct Deposit Form [PDF] [Word]
  • Expense Transfer Request [PDF] [Word]
  • HRMS Access Form [PDF]
  • Human Resource Forms [Link]
  • Leave Adjustment Report [PDF] [Excel] (Instructions)
  • Mail Check Request [PDF] [Word]
  • Name Change Form - Students [PDF] [Word]
  • Name Change Form - Faculty & Staff [PDF]
  • Pay Option Designation form [PDF] [Word]
  • Pay Request Form for Late Time Sheets Only [PDF] [Excel] (Instructions)
  • Pay Request Form for Rate Adjustments Only [PDF] [Excel] (Instructions)
  • Pay Request Form for Late PAFs/Other [PDF] [Excel] (Instructions)
  • Payroll Deduction for A/R Payment Authorization [PDF] [Word]
  • Request Form for Mailing Payroll Check [PDF] [Word]
  • RTE Request Form for Payroll To Enter [PDF] [Word]
  • School Employees Credit Union [PDF]
  • Stop Payment for Check Reissue [PDF] [Word]
  • Stop Voluntary Payroll Deduction [PDF] [Word]
  • Time Sheets [Link]
  • Union Dues Cancellation [Word]
  • Volunteer Application [PDF] [Excel]
  • Volunteer Time Sheet [PDF] [Word]
  • W2 Electronic Consent Disclosure [Word]

Payroll Information:

National Payroll Week:

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