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Business and Financial Affairs

Business and Financial Affairs Reorganization - Revised

Due to new information the BFA Reorganization has been revised to accommodate necessary coverage. The following changes will be effective July 1, 2015:

1. Shelly Baird, Director Budget and Budget Development, will retire from CWU effective July 1, 2015. I recently approved Shelly’s proposed retirement date and have outlined a succession plan as noted below.

2. Adrian Naranjo will move from his current position as Student Financial Services Director to take on the role of Interim Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis (formerly Budget and Budget Development). All BFA budget and business managers will report to Adrian in his new role. A search will be conducted in FY 2016 to identify a permanent AVP for Financial Planning and Analysis.

3. Several assignment changes are planned for Student Financial Services:

Kelley Christianson will assume the role of Interim Student Financial Services Director as a result of Adrian Naranjo’s reassignment above and report to the VPBFA/CFO.

In October, Amelia Black will be retiring from CWU. At that time we will eliminate her managerial position supporting Perkins Loans since the Federal Government will wind down this program. Also, the vacant Fiscal Technician position in Student Accounts has been eliminated.

Eva Whitsett will move to interim Associate Director of Student Financial Services.

Maria Rios will assume the position of interim Assistant Director of Financial Aid.

4. John Swiney’s request to transition into part-time status has been approved. John will assume a part-time special assistant role reporting to the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs/CFO which will be effective July 1, 2015. We are working the details of this assignment and will prepare for a national search for a new Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management which will take place during Summer 2015. John, Kathy Gaer-Carlton and Diane Fishel-Hall will all report to the VPBFA/CFO during the interim.

Please congratulate the above staff in terms of their new assignments. The rotations and assignments will broaden our ability to deliver excellent customer service to staff, faculty and students for the future.

I am very excited with the above changes and believe the cross training and opportunities provided will strengthen our management team to meet the challenges ahead for Central Washington University.

George Clark
CFO/VP of Business and Financial Affairs