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Business and Financial Affairs

Business and Financial Affairs Reorganization - June 5, 2015

The implementation of chart of accounts, CATPlan, and the shift to Responsibility Center Management (RCM), will forever change the way we do business here at CWU. I believe these changes present an opportunity to realign and reconfigure the Business and Financial Affairs Division to provide new opportunities, training, and succession planning for the future. After much thought and consultation the following changes will be effective July 1, 2015:

1. Karen Hamel will assume the role of Associate Director of Budget and Business Analysis/CATPlan Administrator. Karen will provide budget management support to my office as Business Manager for BFA and support the CatPlan budget module.

As we work to backfill her position, Mary Rill will continue to support the budget office while she transitions into her position in the Wildcat Shop as the Manager of Merchandising & Marketing. I anticipate Mary transferring to the Wildcat shop on a permanent basis in early summer (TBD).

Crissy Timberlake will transfer to Human Resources. This realignment helps centralize all position control functions into one overall unit.

- My plan includes offering travel pro-cards to each academic college lead administrator in order to streamline the process for academic units to plan and pay for their travel requirements.
- Journal vouchers processed by the Budget Office will migrate to the Financial Services Department.
- Initial fielding and disposition of Fiscal Notes will transfer to Public Affairs/Government Relations and be assigned to Ann Anderson. Once reviewed and identified for disposition, the Budget Office will still provide financial analysis for Government Relations as part of financial reviews and impacts for CWU.
- Crissy Timberlake’s non-position control duties will be absorbed by Financial Services.

2. Sharon Jonassen will assume the role of Senior Academic Financial Budget Manager and John Logwood will join her as the Academic Financial Budget Manager. Andrew Sullivan will be assigned to the interim Student Funds Financial Manager position. As a result of these transitions we will advertise for an accountant and student life business office fiscal analyst 3. It will be a busy summer while the above transitions firm up and the books of account close, but I believe this will position the right people in the right places to get the job done.

3. Brenda Mofford will transfer from the Budget Office to assume the role of Budget Manager supporting the President’s Office and Operations Division as a stretch assignment.

4. Mickey Parker’s position as Facilities Management Department Business Manager remains unchanged.

Patrick Stanton will report indirectly to Budget and Business Analysis (matrix) and solid line to Joel Klucking for Auxiliary Financial Operations. Patrick maintains his duties to provide innovation fund financial and business plan support for staff and management. Business and Financial Affairs

5. For Financial and Auxiliary Services, the following changes will occur:

Caroline Busch will serve as Manager of Financial Reporting. Caroline has demonstrated strong financial analysis capability by volunteering for several special projects. This provides her a stretch opportunity to grow into a broader role for CWU. Caroline will continue to provide payroll specialist support for payroll operations as a dual assignment role.

Chris Huss’ role as Director of Financial Services remains unchanged.

Associate Dean of Student Life, Richard DeShields will report on a dotted line basis to Associate Vice President Joel Klucking for Housing activities associated with Auxiliaries Financial Planning. Richard DeShields student conduct and student life roles and responsibilities remain intact and align directly to Dean Sarah Swager. Only the financial planning and integration with Auxiliary Finances are addressed with this realignment via a matrixed reporting assignment to ensure all AUXILIARY operations are within Joel Klucking’s purview.

Connie Dahlberg and Denise Margheim, from HR’s data management team, will join BFA in an effort to consolidate all time and labor activities into one organization, adding economy and efficiency.

With Mary Aho’s retirement after 39 years at CWU, Rachel Crimp will be assigned the interim Conference Services Manager. A search will be initiated to fill this position during summer 2015.

Stephanie Simmons departed CWU and relocated to the Tri-Cities, Washington. As a result, Jim Matheny will transfer from Dining Services to serve as interim Catering Manager. A search will be initiated to fill this position during summer 2015.

6. CWU will await the results of the Ruffalo Noel Levitz consultant review regarding Enrollment Management efficiency, effectiveness and suggestions regarding optimal alignment for student recruiting and admissions support. The report is expected to be delivered to CWU later this year.

Finally, Gayle Fogle will retire in July 2015. Gayle’s position will not be filled after her departure.

Please congratulate the above staff in terms of their new assignments. The rotations and assignments will broaden our ability to deliver excellent customer service to staff, faculty and students for the future.  I am very excited with the above changes and believe the cross training and opportunities provided will strengthen our management team to meet the challenges ahead for Central Washington University.

George Clark
CFO/VP of Business and Financial Affairs