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CWU Film Program

College of Arts & Humanities
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If you have a passion for movies…
If you want to master visual storytelling…
If you plan to make your own films…

Then the CWU Film Program is for you!

Housed in the Department of Art + Design, the Film Program is a Bachelor of Arts program that employs a scholarly, creative, and professional approach to the study of both film and television and seeks to help each student discover his or her own vision as an independent critic, artist, and filmmaker.

You will watch films. You will study films, You will write films. And most importantly, you will make films. Lots of films! But it all starts with the story…

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The Film Program is dedicated to preparing you for a career as a creative leader in the film and television industry. Foundation courses are combined with specialized courses that allow each student to pursue the specific area of the entertainment business that interests them the most. Whether you want to be a generalist and run your own film production company or specialize as a writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, or a hyphenate, your advisor and instructors will mold your advanced classes to achieve your individual goals.

And students in the Film Program have access to dozens of cameras and lens kits including Nikon (D3400, D5200, D5600, D600, D750, D800, D810), Panasonic, Canon, GoPro, Blackmagic Cinema, Sony FS5 4K RAW, and RED. Additionally, the Film Program owns a vast assortment of support gear for use by all advanced students.

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Film students will explore the language of cinema and the techniques for effective visual storytelling. Students will learn the craft of filmmaking and combine it with their unique artistic world view and they will be challenged to prepare stories that resonate and linger. They will pitch, and write, and rewrite… and then most likely rewrite some more… until the idea is ready and production begins. At times it will be exhausting. It will often seem endless. But it will be worth it. Because it all starts with story!

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Drama is life with the dull parts left out.
~ Alfred Hitchcock



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