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Film and Video Studies

2009 Winners

48-Hour Film SlamThe inaugural year of the 48-Hour Film Slam required participants to include a character named "Max" who was the "Mayor" and a "neck tie" had to be included as a prop. The four (4) teams then drew genres from a hat (ok, a small box) and after a quick review of the rules, the clock was ticking!

Below are the winners selected by our panel of judges &/or as voted by an appreciative audience of over 100 individuals.

Man's Own Martyr (Drama— Best Directing, Best Performance, Best Picture) A power hungry politician and a ruthless saboteur are in the center of this drama in which the victor may never live to see the spoils of war.

What the Hell? (Buddy Picture— Best Script, Best Technical) Best friends, Victor and Frank, take a stroll thrugh the park. What happens when a man falls from the sky?