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Film and Video Studies

Film & Video Studies Title Graphic

Program Mission

Film and Video Studies (FVS) is an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts program with a curriculum drawn from courses in the university's various colleges. The program employs a scholarly, creative and professional approach to the study of both film and television and seeks to help each student discover his or her own vision as an independent critic, artist, and communicator. The program provides an education in the history & theory of film, television and digital media art forms and basic learning experiences in film and video production weaving together the scholarly, artistic and professional aspects of the field within the context of a liberal arts education.


Majors and Minors

Bridging traditionally separate areas of study, the curriculum has two components: (1) a shared core of foundation courses, introducing students to the role of film and television in society as well as building a shared vocabulary in media aesthetics and film theory and criticism, and (3) three specializations from which students must choose one:
  • Cinema Studies: exploring the history, theory and criticism of film and television
    from auteur to genre (& all point in between!) for both American and World cinemas.
  • Production: building specific skills in mediated storytelling, from writing and
    producing to directing, cinematography and editing.
  • Screenwriting: This specialization exposes students 
    to a variety of script writing formats & styles, introduces the art and craft of script 
    writing and helps student hone skills necessary to become a professional writer.

Likewise, there are currently two active minors, and others are in development... Stay tuned!

Program Standards

Admission to the Film & Video Studies program is highly competitive. Students need to complete the application form, attach a copy of their CAPS Report and submit the documents to the Department of Communication in Bouillon Hall 232a by the third (3rd) week of each quarter. Students are typically notified of their application status by mid-quarter.

Only students with a minimum grade point average of 2.4 or higher and a combined "B" average or better in COM 201 Media & Culture , and FVS 250 Intro. to Film & Video Studies may be admitted to this program.