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Office of Field Experiences

EFC 330 Field Experience Information

Deadlines for Application, Waiver, & Student Teacher Request Form

Please thoroughly review this deadline information.

About EFC 330 Field Experience

Field Experience is offered quarterly. Applications are available from the Field Experience Application link on the left side of this page and are due by date shown on the application for each quarter. Email your application to the Office of Field Experiences at by the deadline. In addition to the application, students must also have fingerprint clearance by that date to be offered a placement and to enroll in the course. Students do not seek their own placements.

Students are not permitted to take EFC 330 Field Experience and EFC 480 Student Teaching at the same time.


There is no guaranteed placement in a particular school district, school building, or with a particular Cooperating Teacher.

Students are prohibited from attempting to arrange their placement in any manner and may not contact teachers or district personnel about a possible placement.

Only the university Field Supervisor is allowed to seek placements.  Students may not act on their own behalf nor have anyone other than the approved university Field Supervisor act on their behalf regarding placements.  Information regarding placements will be available in Black 101 as it is received.

Not all areas of geographic preference are available as options for placement in every quarter.

No placements will be sought in areas where full-time university field supervisors are not available to seek placements.  Typically, placements are sought in areas near the university centers and main campus.

If a placement cannot be found in your major and/or certification areas in the term for which you apply, your field experience may have to be postponed.


40 hours of Pre-Admission Observation, Psych 314, EFC 210, and EFC 310 (or approved Community College course substitution). This course is a co-requisite or pre-requisite for EFC 340.


You will be sent a course number via your CWU Groupwise email to register. You are not allowed in the classroom unless you are registered.

If you take the course during the Pre-Fall time period before CWU classes begin in the fall, the credits will not be used in calculating the credit load for either summer or fall.

Department Standards

All students completing an educational endorsement must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher for the last 45 graded credits. Students must also earn (prior to student teaching) a minimum grade of "C" in all courses required for certification.

Admission Requirements

Students must have been fully admitted to the Teacher Certification Program and have valid fingerprints. Please contact the Certification Office in Black Hall 228 for information about the admission requirements and fingerprinting. Students are assigned in off-campus schools for approximately sixty (60 hours) with a schedule to be arranged by the Field Supervisor, Cooperating Teacher and the student. Credits: (2)

Field Experience (EFC 330) is a laboratory experience course in the Teacher Preparation Program. The course deals with the structure and management of the classroom and school, professional relationships, school/community relationships, school district organization, instructional support, and resource services.

Repeatable for Credit: No                  Grading Basis: S/U

Notes: EFC 330 is replacing EDCS 300 (4 credits) as part of the new Teacher Preparation Program. Students may not receive credit for both.

Additional Requirements

Orientation Seminar and Exit Seminar are required. Attendance is mandatory. Your field supervisor will provide the date, place, and time of these seminars.

The EFC 330 Field Experience workbook must be uploaded to LiveText on or before the Exit Seminar. This is a course requirement.


Field Experience Documents

Field Experience Workbook
Field Experience Waiver Form - Paraprofessional / Instructional Assistant
Field Experience Waiver Form - Teaching Academy / Careers in Education