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Office of Field Experiences

LiveText Information

What is LiveText?

LiveText is the data information and aggregation system currently used by the Department of Education to ensure programmatic efficacy. It is the system to which students will post a variety of artifacts as they complete course work within the Department. The data from this system is used in both programmatic approval and accreditation processes, as well as for intradepartmental programmatic review.

Admission to and continuation in the Professional Core Sequence requires that students purchase LiveText. Students must present "proof of purchase" to the Certification Office, Black 228.

Student Teaching & LiveText

The designated assignment for inclusion on LiveText for EFC 480 (Student Teaching) is the Teacher Performance Assessment. This assignment will be developed over the quarter during which you will Student Teach. This assignment must be uploaded to your LiveText portfolio and be made accessible to the instructor for review and assessment purposes. In order to enter your Final Student Teaching Evaluation data, you must ‘Submit for Review’ your Integrated Unit Plan. DO NOT send it to the Inbox of the reviewers, as this will not allow your Student Teaching Evaluation data to be entered. Should you have questions about how to accomplish this, please visit

In addition, students will complete the End of Program Dispositional Survey, which will be sent to your LiveText account by the Office of Field Experiences during the Student Teaching quarter. An email will be sent to your CWU Outlook account with instructions on how and when to complete this survey.

The grade for Student Teaching (EFC 480) will be withheld, as will your certification, until these assignments have been posted, reviewed for accuracy, and/or final scores entered.


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